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one cell Small Package Technical Notes
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R1 and C1 will stabilize a supply voltage to the R5405L. A recommended R1 value is less than 1kΩ.
A larger value of R1 leads higher detection voltage, makes some errors because of some conduction current may flow in the R5405L. To stabilize the operation, the value of C1 should be equal or more than 0.01μF.
R1 and R2 can operate also as parts for current limit circuit against reverse charge or applying a charger with excess charging voltage to the R5405L, battery pack. Small value of R1 and R2 may cause over-power consumption rating of power dissipation of the R5405L. Thus, the total value of R1+R2 should be equal or more than 1kΩ.
On the other hand, if large value of R2 is set, release from over-discharge by connecting a charger might not be possible. Recommended R2 value is equal or less than 10kΩ.
The application circuit's performance is largely dependable on the actual PCB layout, therefore, fully evaluation and selection of the appropriate external components are necessary.
Large voltage or large current, which may exceed the absolute maximum ratings of the protection IC or the external components should not be forced on them.
We make an effort to keep our quality and reliability, however, there is the AQL for any semiconductors. As a result, be sure to the safe design against the any damage or misoperation. Ricoh cannot assume any responsibility for use of any circuitry other than circuitry entirely embodied in a Ricoh product.
Ricoh reserves the right to change the circuitry and specifications without notice any time.





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